Expert Garage Doors understands the unique stresses improperly working or non-functional doors can have on a business. Commercial doors take unique stresses over time by opening and closing 8, or 10 times or more in the given hour. If your doors can’t open, neither can you.

Our expert commercial service crews respond within minutes of getting the call and will get you “back open for business” in no time. We are very proud of the quick response times we keep during emergency calls in Los Angeles. Our service crews are trained to handle any of the situations that arise from time to time to affect your bottom line.

For new commercial door installations you will find out why we are Los Angeles choice for commercial garage doors. Our service team will help you choose the style and features  such as the operator will last for years to come. Our commercial service team will make sure that the doors are always in proper order and aligned, keeping your business problem free.

In today’s highly competitive commercial environment, knowing that when you call for help, you are going to get it fast and reliably is something all businesses want to bank on.


We realize that the needs of our commercial customers vary as much as their businesses do. Expert Garage Doors supplies every model of door to fit the needs of your business.

Cost, maintenance, and appearance are all factors that affect your bottom line.

With this in mind we offer:

First UDT Commercial Doors

Model CR24
Sets a new standard for commercial/industrial steel sectional doors and  is matchless in excellence and design. The Model CR24 commercial door is crafted for years of better-quality performance. Unusual features consist of our exclusive RITS™, reinforced integral truss system design which gives it greater strength and durability; with attention to details, including 2 inch springs and galvanized torsion tubes for added value as well as a distinctive structural design.


Model CRP24SP
First United Door Technologies’ commercial raised panel doors look great for many commercial applications. The Model CRP24 SP/LP/FL Commercial Raised Panel door looks like a true traditional paneled wood doors with deep embossments and wood grain texture. Along with the distinct look, combine these benefits – the strength and light weight of steel, the exclusive RITS™ reinforced integral truss system, and flexible door window configurations allowing more or less ambient light.

Sectional Doors are offered with high cycle torsion springs. Sectional doors are considered by the industry to be the best. With 24” high panels that are hinged together, the sections are guided by ball bearing rollers in the track. The door is balanced all through the cycle and typical weight never exceeds a 30lb force requisite.