Commercial Operators or openers cycle a lot more an hour than any residential garage openers. As a consequence, they require being matched to both the kind of door and anticipated hourly use.

We offer models ranging from light duty trolley and jack shaft to heavy and industrial duty trolley and jackshaft operators. Every operator comes complete with all the hardware, chain hoist, control stations, as well as chain tensioners. Whichever operator you use we have all the accessories for them. Depending on the model you choose, wireless remotes and receivers are available.

Expert Garage Doors is constantly looking for new products and technologies to improve service to our commercial customers. This devotion to quality is carried into the field every day by Los Angeles’ finest garage door service and installation technicians.

With the amount of wear, commercial doors take, setting up regular inspection and maintenance will provide longer life and longer use for your doors. Ask us for a quote. We are very practical. We can also give you the best advice when it comes to lengthening the life of your doors.

These are the reasons our clients have made us a leader in garage door repair in Los Angeles.

Be sure to check in and see all the time and money saving equipment we are adding.