For Los Angeles, Expert Garage Doors has the technical expertise to repair any garage door opener on the market  today. We only use the best manufacturer replacement parts for your opener. This means that once we fix a problem, your garage door opener will work perfectly for a long time to come.

In our 10 years of Los Angeles garage door service, we’ve seen many companies come and go over the years. They either didn’t bother to learn the technical aspects of the openers or their customer service left a lot to be desired.

Expert Garage Doors was born out of a desire to do better repairs, keep customers up to date on the latest technology, and provide better customer service than our competitors. We keep up to date by sending our technicians to factory schools to be certified for repair on different models. We stay committed to our customer service philosophy and thank you for making us a premier garage door opener repair company in Los Angeles.

Not every garage door opener problem needs repair. In many cases, simple adjustments or retuning the remote is all that is needed. Expert Garage Doors will evaluate your situation and try to save you money because we want your long term business.

Belt drive garage door openers merge efficiency and quiet power. Today, belt drive openers are no longer just for lighter doors like they were even 10 years ago. Garage door openers come with lifetime motor and parts warranties. This means that if a problem occurs and you need garage door opener repair, more than likely it may still be covered under warrantee.

Chain drive garage door openers are generally used to open the heaviest garage doors which are usually commercial bay doors. They have more power are the workhorses of garage door openers. They are much louder than belt drives but chain drives have less maintenance to perform. Expert Garage Doors maintains, repairs, and replaces heavy duty chain drives from all the manufacturers. If you have a business and you need emergency opener repair just call and we’ll send a team right out.

The Screw Drive garage door opener has less moving parts than the others, which means less maintenance. It was designed to run much quieter too. We keep factory replacement parts on hand and our technicians are ready when you need them.

We repair and replace garage door openers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have a garage door repair emergency, just call us, we’ll be right there.