Garage door cables are a critical component part to your garage door functioning. They take the weight of the door and support it when it is open . In order for your garage door to open and close, all of the mechanisms must work together without a problem. Maintenance of all the moving parts needs to be done on a regular basis. What about parts like garage door cables?

Your garage doors cable’s main function is to keep the door safely floating when it is opening or closing. When garage door cables break, the door can get stuck or slam down. We have years of experience repairing problems ike this. We have been replacing cables for home and industry owners for years. Our technicians are well aware of the most garage door common problems.

Common issues with Garage Door Cables

These include:

  • Stuck Doors — Garage doors that get stuck when you attempt to open or close them are often caused by a defective cable. Let’s take a look and we can find out whether the cable needs to be replaced. This makes garage door safety and dependability certain for years to come.
  • Slamming Doors — If a garage door crashes shut instead of closing smoothly, it might be a sign of worn or broken springs. This puts more pressure on the door because it is being held unevenly. There are 2 cables, one on each side. If one snaps or wears faster the door will come out of balance and one side can drop down. If both are worn or broken, the door which weighs several hundred pounds can crash down on whatever is underneath it. The doors’ safety cables are the only part keeping it from crashing shut. The force could damage a motor vehicle or harm a person.

Choose the Best!

Hiring an experienced company is the only way to make sure that your door’s cables stay in top form. Technicians at Expert Garage Doors, state-of-the-art tools, high quality components, and the comprehensive understanding guarantee our clients’ doors stay in a safe operating condition all the time. So, If you are in need of a garage door cable repair Los Angeles & surrounding area, call us. Or fill out the form in the home page and one of our service representatives will contact you in 10 minutes or less.

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We service commercial and residential garage doors. We bring a distinctive set of skills, tools, and knowledge to work for you. We make sure the most efficient and professional solution to our clients’ problems is reached. Do you want to be sure your door doesn’t have cable issues? Call today and one of our technicians will perform a safety inspection. Can you see how simple Expert Garage Doors makes it to repair your garage door today?