Knowing where to find quality “garage door spring replacement Los Angeles” is important. Most homeowners don’t know that overhead garage doors function through the use of dedicated torsion springs. These springs transfer energy from the opening mechanism to the frame of the door. Your garage door weighs several hundred pounds and yet you can open it with one hand. The torsion springs are the force multiplier that makes it happen.

Your springs are also the reason for most of the problems when it comes to your garage door failure. The springs need to be inspected and the garage door system needs to be maintained in outstanding shape to benefit from long-lasting use of your garage door. At Expert Garage Door Repair, our technicians are long time employees. All our staff is factory trained and factory certified. They know exactly which type of springs is best for any type of door because of their training and years of experience in Los Angeles CA garage repair. These experts have the proficiency to carefully and precisely adjust the springs for the best outcome when inspecting and doing maintenance garage doors for our home and business customers.

We only use premium springs that are manufactured in the USA. By using only top quality replacement parts we can guarantee that your garage door will work longer without mechanical failures.

What To Consider For Garage Door Spring Replacement

  • Spring Cycles — A spring cycle is simply the contraction and stretching of the torsion spring every time the garage door opens and closes. A complete cycle is opening and closing your garage door once. Generic springs characteristically last between 5000 – 10,000 cycles before failing. The high-grade American steel springs we use last between 25,000–50,000 cycles. Best of all they come with a warranty.
  • Metal Corrosion — Spring steel corrodes in certain climates if it’s not maintained properly. Corrosion puts mechanisms at risk for sudden failure over time. Our high quality springs are lubricated to avert oxidization. This delivers better resistance to damage caused by rust, wearing down of the metal, and abrasion.

Springs are normally under incredible amounts of tension. Because of this, garage door spring replacement is a job that should be left for the specialists that are trained. Sudden release of the springs can cause injury, damage, or even death. We advise property owners with faulty garage door springs to call our emergency garage door repair service as soon as any garage door problem is apparent. Do not endeavor to force the garage door shut. Let Expert Garage Door Repair in Los attend to your needs today.