Garage doors work by sliding on rollers inside tracks that guide the door as it opens and closes. Over years of constant use, the doors can progressively shift from an aligned position to an untrue one. This happens because over time parts wear out and loosen. The end result is finding the garage door off track. The longer it is like this the more damage to the system. It puts anyone near the door in danger as the door moves. Your garage door might need garage door repair or adjustment fast.

What to do when Garage Door is Off Track

When your garage door comes off track, it requires immediate repair. We are standing by to carry out this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only does an off track garage door represent a critical danger to anyone operating the door, it also leaves the property unsecured against break-ins. Our technicians will repair track problems fast using modern tools and high-quality replacement components.

For a service call you can expect:

  • Track Inspection — Our technicians perform a 25 point safety inspection. This includes inspecting the tracks of the garage door for wear. This will determine the cause of any problems and even ones that haven’t had a chance to develop yet. Normally, we can save you a lot of money because instead of replacing parts, we can fix or adjust them.
  • Track Alignment — We have over 10 years in the garage door repair business and are experts for aligning tracks on any model of garage door. We will safely and effectively re-align your If any components exhibit damage, we will replace them for you.
  • Track Cleaning and Lubrication — We always clean the debris that collects in the track. We then apply a premium specialized lubricant to the component parts.
  • Inspection and Adjustment— We tauten unsecured cables. We make sure they are in good working order.

Home and trade owners choose Expert Garage Doors because we deliver economic track repair solutions.